The McDonald Luxury Homes Story

Extraordinary passion, dedication and skill

A desire to blaze a new and better path for himself, his family and the homebuilding industry led Don McDonald to uproot his young family from rural Manitoba and move to Calgary in 2001.

Frustrated with high-volume, low-standard homebuilding practices he’d witnessed working for others, Don wanted to do his part to stop construction horror stories; so he embraced the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of Calgary, modeled his father’s work ethic and started McDonald Luxury Homes, a company that has grown to be Calgary’s one true luxury home builder.

The company’s success is rooted not only in Don’s work ethic and smarts, but also in his ability to understand the dreams of his clients and build legacy homes that last more than a lifetime.

A world class team of professionals that come together – with a clear commitment and work ethic – to build luxury homes with precision and care.

"There’s nothing in this world you can’t solve over a cup of coffee."

Don McDonald


Don McDonald knows the value of hard work. Growing up on a farm in rural Manitoba he watched his father tirelessly work and care for his family. Taking over the farm books at 16, Don also gained an appreciation for the business side of the farm and learned that he didn’t like being at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Don wanted to be in control, to ensure his hard work paid off – for himself and for his clients.

Attracted to the vibrancy and energy of Calgary, Don moved his young family west and started McDonald Luxury Homes – a business where he could be a game changer. One that allowed Don to be in control, to build special, uniquely individual high-end homes.

Almost two decades later, Don has raised three kids, been through countless boom and bust cycles and continues to build luxury homes for Calgary’s style leaders – Calgarians who appreciate Don’s care of their dollars and of their dreams.

"When you’re working on one of the most important things in a person’s life, it’s important to get it right."

Shawn Stachiw

Client Support

A star in Junior A hockey and a WHL draft pick, Shawn got an early education in learning to always play his best game. It’s that very quality that attracted him to working for Don McDonald once he earned his Business Degree.

At McDonald Luxury Homes, Shawn’s invited to play his best game for the clients he serves. Shawn enjoys supporting customers develop custom homes that reflect their unique personalities.

Overseeing the financial side of the business, Shawn is the client’s point of contact for budgets and sourcing materials. He’ll find the best products at the best prices and meticulously record warranties and other important information, ensuring clients have everything they need at the end of the project.

"Our clients trust us with their dollars and their hearts. We have to protect both."

David Cumberland

Site Supervisor

The love of custom home building came early for David, building his first house with his parents when he was only 14 years old. From there David went on to graduate top of his class from the College of Furniture Design and Construction in his first home country – the UK.

After starting a career and a family across the pond, David and his wife vacationed in Canada one summer and decided to make it home. Shortly after the move, friends connected David with Don McDonald and he’s been on-site for the luxury home builder ever since.

Whether digging foundations at the start or hanging photos at the end of a project, David’s goal is to make homes perfect for his clients.

Every step of the way we got a strong sense of Don’s integrity and honesty and I’d recommend him to a best friend in a heartbeat.

Larry and Janet Bantle