Our Promise

“I work to make clients happy. To exceed expectations. That feels good.”
- Don McDonald, Founder


Don McDonald is committed to delivering accountability through transparency: no-surprise budgets, detailed weekly invoicing, strict schedules, and regular in-progress, on-site photography. The precision and clarity offered through these tools and processes allow clients a complete understanding of where the project is at, at any given time.


Don McDonald is principled. He listens closely, commits to project budget and schedule, and he follows through. To ensure his team lives up to this promise, labour resources are employed and managed directly by the company, so Don can guarantee performance, excellence, quality and full accountability.

"We believe that optimizing budgets, orchestrating schedules and making technically perfect buildings are things of beauty."


Motivated to build strong, sustainable homes, Don’s team is always on the leading edge of technology while serving up old world craftsmanship when required. From helping clients choose the right lot to ensuring the appropriate grade to picking solid materials, Don is there for his clients.


At McDonald the goal is to work with clients, to understand their hopes and dreams, to take them on a journey that’s meticulously planned, and to create a home that is a true reflection of their personality. Don and his team are passionate about getting it right.